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Get that bronzey glow all year long, minus the sun damage! These tans take 8-10 hours to develop, last around 7-10 days, & never look orange. Our spray tans are naturally derived, vegan, paraben free and fragrance free.


Tan Girl


Two spray tans because we ♥ you! This package is great for any bride-to-be looking to get a trial tan and a spray before the wedding day! No wedding, no problem - come get your tan on anytime!




  • Shower, shave, & exfoliate atleast 24 hours before your appointment! Exfoliation is very important to insure that your tan develops (and fades) evenly. I recommend exfoliation mitts!
  • Do not shower within 4 hours before your appointment! This gives your pores time to close so the tan doesn't develop inside your open pores and cause "dotting"
  • Spray tans should be the last service you get done in preparation for an event. Waxing, nails, & toes should all be done a minimum of 24 hours before your tan. It's best to book your appointment around 2 days before your event!
  • You cannot get a spray tan if you are sunburnt within two weeks of your appointment. This will cause your tan to develop very patchy and your tan will peel. If you get sunburnt please let me know and we can reschedule!


day of

  • Do not apply lotions, oils, or perfumes the day of your appointment. Also avoid deodorant if possible!
  • Show up to your appointment in (or bring) baggy or loose-fitting, dark clothes. Example: Big t-shirt or sweatshirt, sweatpants, & flip flops or loose shoes.
  • As stated in precare, no showering within 4 hours before your spray tan and please avoid dove soap or bar soap when showering, it will leave a film on your skin.
  • You can wear undergarments during your spray tan if you'd like, or nothing! Just be aware that you will have tan lines wherever is covered. (Men are required to wear underwear)
  • You're allowed to skip your workout guilt-free the day you get sprayed, actually it's required for 24 hours! Sweating will cause your tan to develop unevenly/streaky so avoid the sun, heat, or any activity that will cause you to sweat. It's recommended to stay home and relax while it develops for the next 8-10 hours!



  • Shower 8-10 hours after you get sprayed! Quickly rinse with lukewarm water and no soap for your first shower. You will see the cosmetic bronzer rinse off but don't worry - your tan will continue to develop and darken over the next 24 hours after rinsing. Pat your skin dry (no rubbing) and moisturize!
  • Moisturize everyday, it will help with the longevity of your tan. I recommend Hemps Lotion or anything aloe based!
  • Things like excessive sweating, chlorine, salt water, certain soaps, & tight clothing can all have an effect on how long your tan will last so follow your aftercare as closely as possible!
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